Glossary of Homeowner Association Terms

Agent refers to someone authorized by another (principal) to act for or in place of the principal; one entrusted with another's business.

Alternative Dispute Resolution means mediation or arbitration as opposed to litigation.

Appurtenant means belonging to, or connected with the use of something.

Articles of Incorporation is a document filed with the state which sets forth general information about a corporation. The filing of this document creates the corporation. Specific rules of the corporation are contained in the bylaws.

Assessment is the fee or dues payable by members of a homeowner association, usually monthly. Assessments are determined annually in advance by the board of directors as part of the budgeting process.

Association means a non-profit corporation or unincorporated association created for the purpose of managing a common interest development.

Board of Directors is the governing body of a corporation such as an association. The board is elected by the members of the association who elect the officers. The directors and officers have a duty to comply with the governing documents of the association and all applicable laws.

Board Meeting includes any congregation of a majority of the board members at the same time and place to hear, discuss or deliberate upon any item of association business.

Bylaws are the rules adopted for governing a corporation such as a homeowner association. The bylaws address such things as elections of both directors and officers, the holding of meetings, rights to notice, and the powers of directors and officers.

CC&Rs. (See Declaration.)



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